Teen Patti Online Games For Real Cash

Online casino games are popular in India, and some of them have even gone through some transformations — the good example is teen patti. Sometimes, it is called “Indian poker” because the rules and the goals of these ones are quite similar.

The teen patti real cash games are played widely, and thousands of gamblers have already made a profit. However, to win, you need to know all the rules and specifics of Teen Patti as well as be aware of trusted sites to visit when aiming to try this game. Read on our review to explore all this!

Teen Patti Card Game

Teen Patti Brief Description

If you have ever played poker, it will be easier for you to understand what is going on in this game and how to win. Nevertheless, the rules of Teen Patti are quite straightforward, and there are only a few of them, so you’ll be able to learn them fast.

All players of the teen patti game have the same goal, which is to collect the most valuable 3-card set and stay longer than others so as to maximize and win the main prize. The game starts with placing bets, and the bank grows many times during the hand.

But, good fortune is not the only thing that can help you enjoy the victory — you need to know how to build strategies and even understand psychology a bit. Sometimes, you only have to assure the opponents that you are a winner to become the only player and get the money.

Teen Patti Gaming Process

Play At The Best Teen Patti Casinos Online 2021

Those are lucky folks who already have a favourite and trustworthy online casino! In gambling, the reputation of the game provider is crucial. But, if you are a novice in this field or you are in search of better options, check our list of the teen patti casino sites that have been proving their prestige for years. These ones surely have Teen Patti in their collection supplemented with roulette, blackjack, slots, and many more. Explore pros and cons of these apps, compare the bonuses they offer, and choose the one that suits your preferences most.

Teen Patti Slots

Online CasinoPros and ConsBonus
10CRICUnique bonus offerings and gifts
VIP Club
User-friendly interface
Limited payment options
150% up to INR 20K on live casino
PariMatch25+ years on the market
Generous promotion for new users
Has India-focused niche
Limited payment options
150% up to INR 15K
888Offers the 100% cashback promo
Has a great collection of games
Various bonuses
The withdrawals might be slow
100% up to INR 15K
BetwayBig welcome bonus
Rich sportsbook in addition to online casino
A few deposit options
100%, 25%, and 50% on top of the three first deposits, which totals in up to INR 60K
ComeOn!A huge variety of games
Regular promos
High limits on withdrawals
100% up to INR 2100
Royal PandaUser-friendly platform
Weekly bonuses 24/7 support
Some withdrawal options work slowly
100% up to INR 20K on the first deposit + 10 free spins
WildzHelpful customer support
Low wagering requirements
Cashback available
The withdrawals might be slow
100% up to INR 50K + 200 free spins
MegarushTrusted software providers
A big collection of games
Convenient App The loyalty program may need an improvement
100% up to INR 30K

How To Play Real Cash Game In Teen Patti Online

If you want to both have fun and win some money when playing teen patti real cash game, be sure to go through our simple checklist:

  • register on the chosen website to get full access to the game;
  • complete the verification of your personal data so as to be able to withdraw money;
  • download an app for a more convenient use via smartphone;
  • bet the sum you are ready to lose in the case of failure;
  • use your bonus for the first tries so as to minimize risks.

However, the most important thing is to learn the rules of the game. Thus, keep reading as we’ll disclose them in-detail.

Teen Patti Indian Guide

The best thing to do before playing teen patti online is understanding its phases and specifics. In the next part of the article, you’ll find a comprehensive review of the most common strategies, the order of moves in the game, side bets, and the system of payouts. Scrutinize these attentively and get ready to win!

Rules To Play Teen Patti Online

The process of playing Teen Patti online doesn’t differ much from the offline variant. It is usually played with 3 to 7 people and uses a 52-card deck without jokers. First, the game begins with defining the minimum stake (called boot) and placing bets, creating a bank. Second, each player receives three cards. At this point, you may choose whether you want to see your cards or play blindly. Note that you can choose to look at your cards any moment during the further game.

This moment is important because the format of your participation influences the stake you can make as well as the stakes of other players:

  • If you have seen your cards and so did the person who bets before you — you can bet the amount of the boot. If the previous person plays Blind, your minimum bet is a doubled stake.
  • Consequently, if you haven’t seen your cards, you have to bet the amount of the current stake. In case the next player is Seen, he doubles the amount of your bet. Otherwise, he can place the same bet.

The next steps are pretty simple. The players can call, raise, show their cards or leave the game. The winnings come to the last player or to the one with a better sequence if there are several of them.

Teen Patti Rules

Basic strategy for playing Teen Patti

During the game, you only need to decide whether you play Seen or Blind and control your betting plan. Generally, you have a straightforward path — to keep playing until you can handle your bet trying to become the last unfolded player. In this case you grab the bank regardless of the sequence you have. Otherwise, you and your opponent compare the crds and the one with the best sequence wins.

Teen Patti Basic Strategy

The Hands

Another crucial thing apart from strategies is to learn the value of the cards’ sequences in the game:

  • Three Aces is the best set, meaning it is the most valuable one;
  • Straight Flush is a set of three same-suited descending cards;
  • Straight is a set of three descending cards of different suits;
  • Color means you have three same-suited cards;
  • Pair means two same-ranked cards.

In addition, there is a High Card option. It comes to the scene when neither the player nor the dealer have even a Pair, so the one who has the highest ranked card wins.

Teen Patti Hands

Game Payouts

When it comes to the differences between poker and teen patti, the payment system is one of them. For instance, in teen patti, you can bet in certain amounts only. For example, you can’t go back to a smaller sum when proceeding with the game. You can only bet equally with the previous stake or double it. But, the bestes news is, this system boosts your chances to hit the jackpot in the end!

Teen Patti Game Payouts

Side Bets

One interesting thing about Teen Patti is a sideshow. The request can be done at any moment of the game but it can be either accepted or declined and also leads to new risks.

This move means you and your opponent show the cards and compare them. The one who has a worse sequence leaves the game immediately. However, if the value of sequences is the same, the one who asked for a sideshow must fold. After this (or in case the request was not accepted), the game continues.

Sideshow in Teen Patti

Teen Patti With A Live Dealer

In some online casinos, the teen patti live game is available. To play it, you only need to visit the casino’s site or mobile app and join the game. In this case, you have a chance to feel the real casino atmosphere as you play with a live dealer, not a machine. The dealer will monitor the game, deal cards, handle sideshows, and do all other things. At the same time, the opponents are also real people, which brings an extra zest to the game. You can even play with your friends or just participate in groups of gambling enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Live Dealer Teen Patti

Play Teen Patti Using Mobile Devices

You know the rules and the process of the game and want to play teen patti anywhere you wish. Fortunately, you have such an opportunity because many gambling platforms offer high-quality mobile applications. You can download an apk file from the official site, install it on your android or ios device and enjoy playing teen patti and other online casino games with no limits. For example, try some of the following apps:

10Cric Logo10CRICFast withdrawals
Easy to navigate
Support is available 24/7
PariMatchSimple interface
Different depositing and withdrawal options
Different games on offer
888Top-quality live games
Huge selection of games
Regular promos for active users
Betway LogoBetwayGreat selection of games
Quick withdrawals
High winning rates
Royal Panda LogoRoyal PandaUser-friendly interface
Regular promotions
Withdrawals take up to 2 days

If you don’t want to install any applications on your smartphone, simply visit your favoi=urite site and switch to its mobile version. Most often, it has user-friendly design and is way easier to navigate via phone compared to the full-fledged site.

Teen Patti Mobile Casinos

What Bonuses You Can Expect To Get Playing Teen Patti

The best teen patti game is the one which you can play with no risk, isn’t it? This is possible if you use bonuses provided by casinos or their apps. Moreover, remember that you can get a welcome bonus as a gift for being a new user of the site, and most often, you don;t need to have any promo codes to obtain it. Just complete your registration, and it is done!

Note that there are also different types of bonuses. These can be ones equivalent to money for playing Teen patti and other games or these can be free spins. In any case, check the wagering requirements so as to make the use of your bonus profitable.

Teen Patti Bonuses

Is It Legal To Play Teen Patti Real Cash In India?

As you may already know, there is no specific law that restricts online casinos in India. However, it is a wise move to previously check the rules of the indian state you live in because the laws might differ from one place to another. Some states even allow offline casinos.

However, you need to know that in case you play online casino games to make profit and not just for fun, you need to pay a commission on the winnings you withdraw. This rule works in al states of India and you need to fulfill it in any case.

Teen Patti Legality in India

Teen Patti Common Questions

The article may be twice longer but you still can have some unanswered questions. Read on to know what else we can tell you about the Teen Patti game and your gambling journey.

Whats the most popular casino to play Teen Patti?

In the post, you can find a list of the most favourite online casinos in India that provide the Teen Patti game. Some popular options include 10CRIC, Parimatch, and Royal Panda, among others.

Can i play teen patti real cash using rupees?

Yes, many online casinos allow gamblers to bet in Indian rupees that you can deposit vis standard systems (UPI, paypal, neteller, etc.) or even using cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Is Teen Patti Popular Cash Game in India?

Of course, you can find a lot of websites where you can play Teen Patti with real money and win cash.

How to Play Teen Patti Live?

Just visit your preferred online casinos and check if they provide an opportunity of playing Teen Patti in live format. If the answer is positive, simply join the game when it starts.