Top Online Casino Games in India 2022

Visiting an online casino is so simple and accessible that thousands of people across the globe choose playing casino games as one of their hobbies and enjoy winnings. There are many websites offering such activities in india too, so you can compare different options and visit the one that is most appealing. And if you want to know more about the most famed online casino games as well as most trusted sites, read our comprehensive review and become fully ready to join the gambling community.

Casino Games

Play Indian Online Casino Games by Best Online Casinos

Before going for the overview of the popular casino games online, let’s see which sites are preferred by indian gamblers. Below, you have an opportunity to discover the most important pros and cons to know about these platforms and discover if there are any bonuses you can be rewarded with to spend on casino slot games without even using any promo codes.

Top Indian Online Casinos

LogoWebsiteMain FeaturesOnline Casino Bonus
BetwinnerWorks with more than a hundred of game providers and offers diverse live casino options.+100% on the first deposit up to INR 32,5K
1xSlotThe website ensures fast transactions, has user-friendly mobile design, and uses the games of proven providers.+100% on the first deposit and 50 free spins as a no-deposit bonus
888CasinoMore than 20 years on the gambling market, supports loads of payment options used in India.+100% up to $100 on the first deposit
ParimatchOne of the industry leaders with trusted game providers, easily accessible support team, and clear navigation.Cashback on slots of up to INR 14K
4rabetThe site is known to provide no commission on depositing as well as withdrawals and has an option of live casino.+100% up to INR 20K
MelbetYou are provided with a variety of about 50 payment options and can play standard and online casino games and slots.+100% on the first deposit
BetspinA great choice for gamblers who are fond of slots as there are more than 500 options. Also, the site has a simple and adaptive design.150 free spins
CasooThe site keeps your data safe due to SSL-encryption and is known for its quick withdrawals.200 free spins
Bons CasinoThe main advantages include SSL-encryption, lots of promos and cashback events. Also, supports cryptocurrency like bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.200 free spins
Pure Win CasinoThe website content is available in Hindi, and you can choose preferred games from a big collection.up to INR 10K in free bets

Some of the above websites are available on both PC and smartphones as they provide apps for android and ios devices (most often, you will download these as apk files). After installing such an app, you can refer to mobile casino games whenever you wish. The only prerequisite in this case is a suitable Internet connection and enough memory space on your phone.

The Most Popular and Famous Casino Games In India

So, as you know about the most trusted sites now, you may want to explore the best casino games played in India, and all the points mentioned in our list are legal in the country. Some of them have simple rules while others are more complicated. Because of such a variety of options, you’ll never get bored!

For the most comfortable way to play casino games download and install a mobile app on your smartphone, complete the registration and verification process, get the bonus, and you are good to go! Now, take a look at the casino games list we’ve compiled for you.

Most Popular Indian Casino Games

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is among the globally played casino online games in India. It originated from several other games — no surprise it is even called Indian poker sometimes and even has similar rules.

The goal that the Teen Patti player has to attain is to stay till the end of the hand and ensure to have the best set of cards. The first thing to know is that the game starts with every participant placing bets and has a few specifics. Thus, the highest-ranked cards here are Aces, and the most powerful cards set is the one that contains three same-valued cards. Other options are built on the aspects like the colour, sequences, pairs, and more.

Teen Patti Casino Game

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar has Indian roots and is mostly built on luck and chance. When the game begins, the dealer places one faced-up card on the table and creates two places for building piles using the 52-card deck. The first one is Andar or inside, while another one is outside and is named Bahar. The players need bet on any of these piles, and the dealer puts cards from the deck one by one on these slots until there is a match with the first card. Once this happens, the pile wins, and the player acquires the winning money with betting odds from 0,9 (if it is Andar) to 1 (if it is Bahar).

Andar Bahar Casino Game


If you ever visited online casino in India, you might have noticed that baccarat is among the most loved games on such sites. It is also known to be one of the simplest casino table games, so you won’t have a hard time understanding the rules. When the game starts, each player gets two cards and so does the dealer himself. Then, it is checked whose pair of cards creates the value that is the closest to nine. And here you have two choices. In case you bet this would be a dealer, you can win up to 95% on top of your bet. If you bet on a player, the sum doubles. However, there are also some specifics. For instance, the two-digit sums of the cards only leave the second digit to be ued in the game, and if one gets a pair that is less than 5, he can get another card.

Baccarat Casino Game


For those who are fond of online casino games for real money, there is live blackjack. This game requires players to have good strategic thinking, forecasting skills, strong memory, and firm attention.

Blackjack usually requires six 52-card decks where face cards always have a value of 10 and the ace can be valued either 11 or 1. The goal of the player is to get a 21 count and not go over it.

Whether it an offline or online blackjack game, it begins with placing bets. Then, each participant is given faced-up cards during several rounds while the dealer has both faced-down and faced-up cards. And if you are lucky to get a 10 and an ace, you have a natural blackjack and get bets from all other players. If there is no such case, the game proceeds and goes a couple more rounds when players can hit or stand until the best sequence is made.

Black Jack Casino Game

Crazy Time

This is one of the best games that includes a spinning wheel. Its rules are very clear: the wheel is divided into the 54 sections on which it can stop, and the player has to bet on one. Above the wheel, there is a spinning section with two reels. The first one defines the bet when stopped while another shows if the bet will be multiplied. However, if the reel stops between the numbers, there is no growth to the sum of winning.

To understand the game better, you also need to explore the definitions and specifics of the bonuses available. These are Crazy Time (is played on the prize wheel and can bring doubled or tripled winnings), Cash Hunt (contains 108 symbols that relate to certain bonuses), Pachinko (uses Plinko board with 16 wins that can be doubled), and Coin Flip (one side of the coin means winning from 2 to 5 while another side leads to 7 to 100). This game might seem complicated but you can win real money by playing it.

Crazy Time Casino Game

Jihandi Munda

Another game you can play with real money on almost any Indian online casino site is Jihandi Munda. It is easy to play and you can learn the rules quickly. Moreover, in the process, you can identify some useful tricks to use to win hassle-free. So, let’s see the basics.

The game is usually played with 6 participants, and each of them should bet on which pair of symbols on the two dice will appear, choosing from the anchor, crown, club, spade, diamond, and heart. Note that you can pick several symbols for the game, and the more guesses are right, the more money you’ll be given. Also, it increases the chances of victory. if you don’t guess any of the pairs during the whole game you lose, so don’t hesitate to make bets on different options.

Jihandi Munda Casino Game


Keno is a variation of the lottery game. And although the odds are not that high, you can win a lot if you know the rules and can create a good strategy. It doesn’t require specific knowledge or skills and is more a relaxing type of activity.

To play Keno, you need to choose several numbers (usually from 3 to 9) from the set of 1 to 80. After this, 20 more numbers are drawn. And in case you see any matches, this means you win. The more guesses are right, the more money you obtain. In addition, you may want to try live Keno to bring extra excitement.

However, to ensure the validity of your victory, visit licensed websites and check if they have any support team that should also be easy to access.

Keno Casino Game

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is among the bestes games you can find on the Internet. It is a slot-type game that requires you to spin a 5-reel wheel where you can see three symbols. You can select either a standard or progressive bet — the second one allows players to keep the money from previous tries and get a jackpot in the end. This means, the longer you play, the more money you can get. Also, there are other interesting variations such as summer theme, american theme, egyptian theme, and others. However, regardless of the option, the wheel contains 10 types of symbols as well as the “wild” one. Finally, there is a Jackpot Bonus game for real fans but you need to know that it is quite difficult to win.

Mega Moolah Casino Games


One of the options that come to your mind when thinking of real casino games is roulette. It is clear and straightforward and has only a few major details, so you can play it on both PC and mobile without loss in the picture quality.

When starting to play roulette, one places a bet on a certain number, a colour of the row, and more. Then, the wheel gets spinning, and you are going to know the result just in several seconds.

Speaking of the bet types available, there are single bets (the simplest ones) where you choose the only number. Also, you can choose a double bet, a 3- to 6-number bet, the dozen, 18 numbers, odd or even, and red or black.

Roulette Casino Game


One more game to play with great excitement is Rummy. It is a card game that requires at least two players, during which you are initially given ten cards and have to improve this set by drawing more cards from the deck or taking any that your opponent refused. The main goal of the game is to create a sequence of the three same-suited cards as well as make a set of the same-ranked cards. For instance, these can be an Ace, 2 and 3 in the first run and three Kings in the second one.

When it comes to the tips to use, remember not to throw away the unfit card immediately. It can be helpful in the long run. And also note that there is also scoring in the Rummy game, so keep pace and watch your scores to increase the chance of winning.

Rummy Casino Game

Sic bo

If you want to win easily, Sic Bo is among the options you can try. You don’t need to have any specific skills or be brilliant on strategic thinking — everything here happens by chance.

The game is played with three dice. First, you place a bet on each roll and add it to the box. Then, the dice are shaken in an electronic device, and you can get the result! In case the final symbols match your guess, you win.

Generally, Sic Bo is built upon simple steps. First, you need to measure the budget you can spend as the game is quite addictive. Second, buy the chip, and place the bet. Third, wait for the dice to roll, and in a few seconds you can check if you have won or not.

Sic Bo Casino Game


This online game is among the most widely played, and it is well-known in India. It is a dice game that requires you to shuffle the dice, guess the outcome of the roll and place a bet on your prediction. It has two main variations: the player can wager against the bank or against other participants. However, remember that in this game, the casino itself tells the players which types of bets are available. These may include the Pass and Don’t Pass bets, Come and Don’t come bets, Field bet, and others.

Craps Casino Game


To supplement your experience of playing table games casino may offer you slots too. These are virtual machines working on special software that allows you to gamble with fun. Slots usually contain three reels but there can be more of them too. And once you click “Start”, the game begins, and the wheels start spinning. To win in this type of game, you need to collect all the same symbols in a row. However, the technologies evolve, and now you can find slots that provide the users with almost full-fledged video-games that contain extra situations to go through.

On most Indian online casinos, you can play slots with rupees and use the most suitable depositing and withdrawal methods. And to decrease the chances to lose, take some time to find a website that gives welcome bonuses in the form of free spins. In some cases, such a promotion has strict wagering requirements but if you just want to have fun, this is the best place to start.

Casino Slots

Live casino

The more you play standard online casinos, the more boring it may seem. But, there is a simple solution! You can try a live casino that allows you to feel the atmosphere of the real one and offers a big variety of games. You can try poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and a lot more options in the real-time format. The process involves real dealers that deal and shuffle the decks and make the game more spicy.

Most often, such live casinos provide convenient ways to deposit and withdraw money including UPI, paypal, Neteller, debit cards, etc. Just remember that you need to register on the site first to access the games. And finally, the verification of your personal data is needed so that you can withdraw your winnings.

Live Casino


Those who dream of hitting a jackpot may be interested in playing online lotteries offered by different casinos. This is one of the easiest ways to gamble and have big chances to win. To play any lottery game, you need to first buy a corresponding ticket that should contain all the necessary information. This may include the time and date of the draw, as well as many other factors. You can buy as many tickets as you wish, and this will only raise your chances to succeed.

You may think that playing lotteries is quite a retired activity but still, it keeps its popularity because of the diversity. Today, you can choose between standard and Internet lotteries, instant lotteries, the one with no loss. Different casinos and ordinary organizations provide lotteries, so it will be easy for you to pick the one you like the most.

Lottery Casino Games


Now, if you want to play casino games, you know where to start and what are the offerings available on the market. You can start by visiting the site we’ve mentioned in the beginning of the article and then proceed to other ones if they are trusted enough. Also, be attentive when applying for bonuses so as to get the full one and to have simple wagering requirements. And if you are a fan of slots, there are many websites that offer free spins as bonuses for just joining the platform. This may be a great start for those who don;t like to risk big from the very beginning or just get acquainted with a broad world of online casinos.

As you read the post, you can see how many games are provided by online casinos in India, and you can try to play any of them! Just register on the chosen site or download an official mobile app, verify personal information to be eligible for conducting withdrawals, and you are good to go. Choose table games like baccarat, blackjack, or roulette to have a more traditional experience, turn to slots to just have fun, and pick lotteries to check you luck. You can also visit live casino rooms to play with a live dealer.

In addition, if you get bored from gambling, most of the sites that offer online casino games also have some kind of sportsbook to bet on. These may provide standard sports (football, basketball, cricket, etc.), virtual sports, and e-sports, and you can watch live streaming on some sites too along with placing live bets. And after this, you can switch to gambling again whenever you want.